Snow days may cancel school, but they don't cancel weddings!

Winter Wonderland at Snohomish Wedding Venue Belle Chapel

When the weather service announces snow in the forecast, and the first snowflakes begin to fall from the sky, it feels like magic! It's magic because it covers everything with a blanket of white freshness in the heart of the gray winter drab. It's also magic because it forces us to stop what we are doing, we hunker down in our homes and enjoy a slower pace. Yes, the snow days are a welcomed event in this event venue owner's life, but the business of hosting weddings never stops. We've had two weddings that have enjoyed this winter wonderland adventure, and neither was without some creative adjustments! But at the end of the day, the couple was married! No matter how challenging it was to maneuver in the snow, their family and friends who braved the icy elements, were sending off the happily married couple to begin their new life together!

Photo credit by Moselle Campbell Photography and my iPhone.

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